Essential Travel Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting Iran


Imam Khomeini Airport Transportation

Metro:you can use metro from the Imam Khomeini Airport to Tehran. it costs 75,000 rial ( around 0.5 euro). Imam Khomeini Airport station works from 6:50 AM – 8:10 PM.


There is an app called TEHRAN METRO. it can be also helpful

Snapp, an Uber-like taxi service in Iran

To download the app, please use the following links:


Android :



Please note when you open the page, click on the black icon, select “Open”, then “Install” . After installing you should proceed the following steps:


Phone settings> General> Profile & Device Management> select “sparks42 GmbH”> Trust  “sparks42 GmbH” > select Trust


That’s it. Now you can use Snapp.


How to use VPN in Iran

As some websites, social medias, news sites are filtered, If you like to have access to them, you can install the following apps to get connected.


Note: Using VPN is not illegal.

Install apps before entering Iran


Android app: psiphon

IOS app: turbo vpn, vpn cat,


Quick on Tehran Metro

Each trip inside the city costs 10,000 rial

Install Tehran Metro app on your mobile

The ticket from the airport to Tehran cotsts 75,000.

If you are staying in Tehran for a couple of days, it is better to get an e-card from the Metro stations.

Kart-e Etebari Mikham. ( I want a credit-card/e-card)

You can continue with the amount

Bis toman (20,000 toman=1.5 euro)

Si toman (30,000 toman= 2 euro)


*Each e-ticket card can be only used for one person. If you are two persons, buy two cards.

Rial or Toman?

Sometimes rial and toman is a little bit confusing for tourists. The easiest way to remember is:


Remove one zero from the number on the banknotes and read the number, that is Toman.


When do we use Toman and Rial?

In everyday life like shopping in the bazaar, or buy something in the supermarket, we use toman. Rial is only used on the banknotes and official invoices.


Easy way to keep iranian money system in mind. We can categorize on colors of notes

Violet (variations: pink, orange)  : 50,000 toman 3.5 euro/ 3.7 USD

Olive green : 10,000 toman=0.6 euro/ 0.7 USD