How is the Internet in Iran?


Internet in Iran

There are two common ways to connect to the Internet, one is to buy SIM cards at the airport or using Wi-Fi at your hotel. There are two main operators in Iran, one is Irancell and the other is Hamrah-e Avval. Make sure that your SIM card is activated. Normally it takes 24 hours to be activated. You can install MY Irancell application to find the Internet package to best suit your needs. Fortunately, the application has been released in two languages: English and Farsi, so that would be easier for you to use it. If you need to charge your account, you can buy vouchers at Supermarkets, Newspaper Kiosks. The only thing you should do is to enter 16 digit voucher code. Vouchers are offered in different prices, it starts from one USD (50,000- 100,000- 150,000 or 200,000 IRR.)
If you’re worried about connecting to your Facebook in Iran,  you can easily install a VPN software like Psiphon or Hotspot Shield before coming to Iran. Many Iranians are using facebook through VPN. 

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