National Museum of Iran| Musée national d’Iran| 国家博物馆


National museum of Iran

National museum of Iran is a unique museum located in Tehran, capital of Iran.

If you love history, especially ancient history from Stone Age in prehistoric time, Persian Empire during Achaemenes period to Sassanid dynasty before arrival of Islam in Iran, National Museum has impressive collection on display.

Andre Godard, a French architect, designed the structure inspired by Khosrow Iwan in Ctesiphon, present Iraq. Ctesiphon used to be a main Iranian city during Sassanid dynasty.

The objects have been displayed in two floor. On the second floor objects dating back from stone age to the period in which writing invented , 4,000 years BC. On the first floor, objects dates back from 4,000 years BC to Sassanid dynasty.

So it is better to start your visit from the second floor. In this way, you can chronologically visit the museum.

In 2008, Cyrus Cylinder, first human charter, was transferred from British Museum to this museum. It was on display for 8 months. For this purpose, a box in the right hand of arch entrance installed, in which a copy of this cylinder is on display to only remind us of its presence in his homeland.

Opening hours

Spring, summer: 9am- 19

Atumn, winter: 9am- 17

(Note: you should be at the museum at least one hour before closing time.)

How to go?

Take red line. descend from train in Imam Khomeini Station (near Imam Khomeini sq.). When you exit, take Imam Khomeini street, walking West. On your way, you will pass by Gate of National Garden. ( Sat-Wed, the gate is open, so you can pass through. But these days, the gate to National Museum is not open. so it is not recommended). After passing the Gate of National Garden, walk straight on to Si-e Tir street. From Si-e Tir, the red brick architecture of National Museum will be in your sight. See location on the map.


1.5 hr for ancient history

1.5 hr for Islamic period


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