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Project Description

Free Tajrish Food&Culture Tour

If you want to taste and see food and culture, this tour can help you. 


We walk through Tajrish Bazaar, around two centuries old, get familiar with famous persian textile, Termeh

Go to an herb shop learning basics of Iranian traditional medicine and find some herb drinks formula common among Iranians. Iranians still use such knowledge even for cooking persian cuisine. 

Gaz and Sohan are popular sweets in Iran, to be specific,Qom and Isfahan. We will taste and see the workshops.

Iranians use natural oils like sesame oil and olive oil for cooking and dressing. In this bazaar, we can find the shops producing oils. 

There are two types of liquid dishes, soup and Ash. We take Ash as a remedy. So there are plenty of recipes for making ash for different purposes. Ash-e Shole Qalamkar and Ash-e Reshte are two famous ones. We will taste these delicious ones.

It is believed that Saffron originated in Iran. therefore, we don’t forget to have a saffron drink in the Tajrish Bazaar. 

Saffron ice cream, bastani sonati, was born in Tehran, dating back to Qajar dynasty, over hundred years ago. Akbar Mashti was the first person who founded such type of ice cream, we will go to the one the branch shop nearby.




Our Free Tajrish Food&Culture tour  starts on SUNDAYS &MONDAYS at 3 pm  rain or shine

We start outside metro station “Tajrish Metro Station”, at street level.

This tour ends inside a known Holy Place (Imamzadeh Saleh Shrine)


This is a free walking tour, in which you pay the guide what you want at the end of your tour


 Next to the exit of Tajrish Metro Station> See the Google Map > Print the map


3 pm Sundays and Mondays


Take the Red Line (No 1) directly to the last station in the north of Tehran Tajrish Metro Station



All tours are in English

Average time: 2 hours

Average number of guests 2-10

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