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Project Description

Tailor Your Tehran Tour

You want to make the most of your time in Tehran?

This service is for people looking for a special day during their time in Tehran. You will discover Tehran in the company of an engaging, dependable local.

Day by day Tehran city, bustling heart of a nation, is developing so fast that sometimes we forget how and when it started as a capital. We would like you to join us to go back through history, so learn more of it  traces of the country’s long history are hidden behind its museum walls

Visiting places:


 Visit Den of Espionage (former US embassy) (Closed on Fridays)                                                                                                                             Visit Gate of National Garden, icon of Tehran in the past
 Walk around Parade Field (Closed on Fridays)
 Visit Golestan Palace Complex
Have lunch
 Visit Imam Khomeini mosque surrounded by Grand Bazaar
 Visit a part of Grand Bazaar
Have a drink in a beautiful Café among Persian Rugs

What’s  included:

English speaking tourist guide

Transportation: basically walking,  however metro/bus/ taxi  can be taken on your request.




Group size and Fees:

2/3 persons.

60 $ /50 € a day per group


*The tour can be tailored on your request.

For further information, you can contact me through WhatsApp:+989352535699


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