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Project Description

Tehran Private Tour

You want to make the most of your time in Tehran?

This service is for people looking for a special day during their time in Tehran. You will discover Tehran in the company of an engaging, dependable local.

Day by day Tehran city, bustling heart of a nation, is developing so fast that sometimes we forget how and when it started as a capital. We would like you to join us to go back through history, so learn more of it  traces of the country’s long history are hidden behind its museum walls

Visiting places:

sample itinerary 1

National Museum of Iran, Golestan Palace Complex,  Photo stop at Gate of National Garden (Tehran icon in the past), Grand Bazar, 

What’s  included:

English speaking tourist guide




basically walking,  however metro/bus/ taxi  can be taken on your request.

Group size and Fees:

 70 $ a day +one meal


*The tour can be tailored on your request.

For further information, you can contact me through WhatsApp:+989352535699


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