Tehran: Capital of Iran


Tehran: Capital of Iran

Tehran became capital of Iran over two centuries ago. But what made Tehran so special?

Tehran At a Glance

Tehran, Capital of fIran, is considered as the largest city of Iran, center of Tehran province. With a population of 8,244,535 , it is the most populous city in Iran. Also, it ranks as the 25th most populous city of the world. With an area of 730 square kilometer,  it ranks as  one of the largest city in Western Asia and as the 27th largest city in the world. It is situated at the foot of the Alborz mountain range, in the north of Iran.
Tehran is composed of people from different ethnic origins. People in the Tehran speak Persian. Most people in Tehran speak Persian with Persian dialect. Ethnic groups living in Tehran include Azeri, Gilaki, Mazani, Arab, Armenians, Lor.
Areas of high density in Tehran exceed 10,700 persons per square kilometer and in very high density areas exceed 11,000 persons per square kilometer.
According to the census evaluated, Tehran is regarded as the 20th densely populated city of the world.
The latitude of Tehran is 35.6892° N, and the longitude is51.3890° E.




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